Edited dvd's

I know there has to be a market for edited dvd's. I spend the $$$'s for a great system for some of the raunchiest foul language one can rent or buy. I work around some real rough people but alot of whats out there is worse. THere are some good movies that wouldnt be hurt by cleaning up the words, sex is easier to explain then foul language.
How do the superstations edit their for tv movies. Is there a company that currently does this now. How could a person start to market these videos.
Dont bash me Ive been around the block ( didnt have enough money for around world, ha )

Just let me vote with the almighty $$$

I think sanyo makes something that blanks out bad words with dvd and tv's. Did any one see this at ces?
Kelton I wholeheartedly agree that the movie industry has become totally carried away with profanity & it bugs me as well. I'm hardly a saint either yet the language still bothers me, I mean they can't say anything without an F-word interjection every other sentence or so. Vote with your wallet - I do. Can't remember the last time we went to the show & refuse to rent or buy anything either. %$#@ them!
Try the Disney animated movies. They should be your speed.
i find a great deal of VERY objectionable sexual innuendo in many disney animated movies. i mean, have you actually read the screenplay for "lady and the tramp"? -cfb
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