eAR 1001 power amp questions.

I am using CarverPro ZR 1600 digital amps that utilize the TriPath control module. Some say that the ICE control module sounds better, and I would be willing to give it a try.

These eAR amps are sold direct from the factory in Denmark at a quite attractive price. The 1001 model (1000 watts into 4 ohms) would be a fair match for the ZR1600. The eAR amp is very basic, while the ZR1600 is ruggedly built pro sound gear, and has lots of bells and whistles that are bypassed (wasted) for home audio use. The eAR costs about twice as much per channel as I paid for the ZR1600. The ZR1600 is clearly more bang for the buck, but perhaps the ICE module sounds better. I don't know but would like to listen.

Based on reviews in European press the amp is a sonic winner. Air shipment is no problem as it only weighs a few pounds. But my concerns relate to: (1)..the wisdom of giving out your VISA account number to a gang of Vikings, and (2)..Custom fees entering the US.

Anyone with experience with this amp, please advise.
As far as a) is concerned, I wouldn't worry BUT send the card particulars by FAX -- not e-mail. b) Can't say -- sales tax + s/thing surely

As to sound: I only heard one model and I can't tell which one -- 501 or 1001 -- by looking at their site. I just powered some Maggie 3,6 /alternatively a pair of Genesis Vs with them, and listened. The Gen are biamped, the AR powered the top, the Maggies ran full range with stock x-over.
Energy-wise it was all right (so I was listening to 1001 maybe), I had a flattening effect w/ Maggies during loud classical passages (Mahler2- Klemperer). The GenV faired OK too, the sound being thinner than with my normal gear (BTW, the top part plays down to ~100Hz).

I made absolutely no measurements -- suffice it say that the GenV in my room with my normal gear play within a 10db window except for a drop after 16-17kHz and a suckout around 75-50Hz (but that's the subwoof amp's territory, anyway).
Normal amp is a class A ss (traditional design). Note that I used a TVC as well as a pre and, contrary to expectations, the TVC was fine. I/C was a 0,6m (Nordost). The normal amp faired far better in musical presentation, coherence, and, strangely, "speed" -- but at absolutely no price comparison whatsoever.

I remember thinking that at the price it would be an advantageous product for multiamping... I was considering Crown for subwoof duties but the AR is my prime contender now.

Sorry I don't have much to offer; I wasn't really into critical listening -- just having fun. Under this perspective I found this amp excellent considering the price.

Are planning to use this full-range or split?
Gregm...Thanks. If it helps remember which amp you used, only the 1001 has balanced input. I would be driving MG1.6 crossed over from a SW system.

To all, I am away for a week and a half, so if I don't quickly respond to suggestions, that's the reason.
It was the 1001. Cheers!