EAD TM 8000 vs Meridian 568.1

Currently own the meridian above but have heard great things about the ead. How do they compare?

I can not speak for the Meridian but I am a very satisfied EAD user I have been with them for about 7 years first with the Ovation then the Theatermaster traded that for the Pro 8000 and now the pro 8800 each unit offered a clear improvement in thru put as the industry formats changed but the common thread in sonics was wonderful. They are also a very consumer friendly company with software updates shipped in many cases before the press announces them. I also have the Ead ultradisc 2000 a very good one box cd player and have gone with them for DVD first with the Theatervision P and now the Pro 8000 dvdmaster. I know that it looks as though I trade up alot but the beauty of the EAD gear it has reasonable value retention so the upgrades are not cost prohibitive plus if you are inclined they will retrofit most gear to bring it up to current standards. As a side I have also heard good things about the Meridian gear but would have a very hard time leaving a Great company like Ead Best wishes John
I have a EAD Signature and my friend has the Meridian 565 both models are older but we both agree the EAD is more musical 2 channel than the meridian equipment, and the Meridian is more flexible with channel management and bass management than the EAD... So depending on how many subs and whether your speakers aren't full range the meridian can provide additional flexibilty but setup is definitely more complex than the easy sit with a mic and let the EAD calibrate itself. I would probably look at upgrading your other components before making that change as both of these are stellar...