EAD DVDMaster dvd audio/dvd/cd player -

Does anyone own the recent DVD audio/DVD/CD player from EAD called the "DVDMaster"? Has anyone heard/audition it, has anyone seen a review of it? Has anyone heard anything about it? Is there anything anyone can share with the forum regarding the EAD DVDMaster??


here's a link from the ces show-that's about all I could find (I had been looking for reviews of the Theatermaster and came across this one.
hope it helps
I own one. I just got it about a week ago after about 2 weeks of auditioning. My local dealer was nice enough to let me take it home. It is an excellent machine in every way and betters my Theta Pearl/Va DAC and the EAD TheaterVisionP which it replaced. I opted for the Pro Version because of the Video Processing which feeds my Seleco HT300. There is nothing I have ever seen that is better, period. Sonically, the Theta combo had a tad more bass, but this is very subjective and the Va DAC is know to have some of the best bass articulation and depth of any DAC. The EAD does have more air, though, and midband presence. Everything seems more fleshy, and bigger. Dynamic swing capability is a toss-up; both are exceedingly good in this regard. To sum it up, I never thought I'd replace my Theta rig, especially with a combo machine, which is why I held on to the Theta combo even after I purchased my TheaterVisionP. However, EAD has seem to have figured out that building a machine that will do it all can be a good thing. I kept my audition unit.
Red robin
Did you a/b the video TheatervisionP to the Pro? I talked with Ben at EAD and he said the big deal was audio and direct to the amp. connection.