EAD Theatervision-P vs. DVDMaster 8000 Pro?

Does anyone have experience with both of these players?

I'm curious about the differences in audio and video performance between these two players. I own an EAD Ovation Plus so don't really need the analog outputs on the DVDMaster, nor can I benefit from the DVD-Audio capabilities (the Ovation Plus lacks an analog passthrough). I'm wondering what other improvements were made to the DVDMaster, especially regarding some of the tests that the Theatervision failed in the Progressive Scan DVD Player Shootout. Thanks!
I traded my Theatervision-p in on the new dvd-master and at the same time I traded in my Signature fo a pro-8000 processor, the picture with the pro-8000 is breathtaking I can not imagine anything better but the build quality and the performance of the Theatervision was very very good, In the real world I see Theatervisions for sale in the mid-teens and I am confident that you can not touch a pro-8000 for two to three times the price of the other, so I would buy the Theatervision and then trade up the Ovation before I would consider spending that much money for the pro-8000 when many of its features will go unused.Ps Ead alpha digital is going to release a new Theatermaster model which I am sure will bring some recent vintage gear to a-gon so hold on and see what this brings, the only problem is that it will hurt the resale of your Ovation But so it goes
This maybe to late for you to either read or help however there maybe some others out there with the same thoughts. I had my Ovation upgraded to the Ovation 8 and that gives you the anolog pass throughs that you need for either SACD stereo or surround, DVD-A you would have a choice of 2, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 7.1/ 7.2/ or 8 channels.
Secondly I owned a TheaterVision P and recently traded that in for the DVD Master 8000 Pro and I will tell you that the picture is incrediable! Totally blows the TheaterVision away, DVD-A is also hands down one of the best with this player. I enjoy it more than my Sony SCD777ES.
With that I have also added the EAD Power Master 6300 amp and know I have a well rounded system and I love it!