Dynavector Stylus Cleaning - dehydrated ethanol???

Dynavector recommends using dehydrated ethanol for cleaning their styli.

Is this what is in Last Stylus Cleaner or RRL #9?

Sounds like I should just break out the Everclear!
You're right, just break out the Everclear! But two notes of caution: 1.) Make sure your stylus cleaning brush is only damp (I usually touch it to my cotton t shirt or a paper towel before stroking the stylus, and 2.) If your cartridge has a tubular (as opposed to a solid rod) cantilever, then NEVER apply any type of liquid, as it can and will capillary up the tube to the suspension where it will eventually destroy (dissolve) the rubber suspension material.
I've switched to the Mr. Clean magic eraser with excellent results. $2.00 US for a lifetime supply. Leaves no residue because it's used dry. Checking with microscope my styli have never been cleaner. I trust it with my Clearaudio Virtuoso and Dynavector Styli.
Thommas, is that "Mr Clean" as in the houshold cleaner? Is this a new product?

PS I've been using the Zerodust dry clear tacky stuff (looks like a mini silicone breast implant!) and it seems to work well.

You're not likely to find completely dehydrated ethanol readily available. The everclear (..etc) will, at most, be a 95% EtOH / 5% H2O solution. Getting the last 5% water out of ethanol isn't overly easy (or cheap)...and once you open the container the dry ethanol will eventually (or quickly depending on your ability to store it correctly) revert back to 95/5 by pulling water out of the air.
Thanks for all the responses. I've been using an older Zerodust but have been considering getting a cleaning solution of some sort. I apply a dab of Stylast before each LP too.

I'm going to have to try the much praised Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thing - I could cut a square to fit in the Zerodust case...
Yes, it is in the household cleaner section. It used to come in white only and they are plentiful. However, they have a new one with a blue layer on one side that contains some type of cleaner booster. You DO NOT want to use the blue side. Use the WHITE side only. I cut a sugarcube sized piece and put a toothpick into it and use it that way. I gently push the stylus into the cube (not very deep)and jiggle very carefully. Needless to say, Do not move opposite of record travel direction. Others have glued a piece onto a coin US Quarter and put it on the tt platter. Then, they use the cuing device to lower the stylus onto the white Mr. clean piece a couple of times. If you go to their website, they will mail you a package free. I was in a hurry though and bought mine at a store. There's a lot of threads about it on AA. Good Luck.