Dynavector Karat 17D Ruby

Are there any opinions on this cartridge? How dose it compare to a Benz Glider?
Yes, it is an older design from Dynavector and the newer
designs tend to sound better...But, if you can buy it
cheap and the stylus is OK, you might like it. The Karat
was a good cartridge in its day...haven't heard the latest
ones...if they still make this model.
The original Karat Ruby is starting to show its age but the current Karat 17D2 can be characterized as being faster, more dynamic, more neutral and more transparent than the Benz Glider.The Benz is a great value with a somewhat ill defined but full bodied bottom end and a lusher presentation.
The biggest caveat with the Karats is that with such a short cantilever buried beneath it's body, alignment is fussy,time consuming and awkward.The Benz' long exposed cantilever is a snap to see(hmmm ,maybe i should have chosen a less descriptive phrase)and thus adjust but is VERY sensitive to VTA as well.