DYNAUDIO EXPERTS Pro line vs Home Audio line

Maybe you guys could kick some information too me in this comparison. I have a pair of MKII 1.3's and the contour center. I was looking at putting together a 5.1 setup. I was hoping to retire the MKII 1.3's to the rear channel and buy a set of Dynaudio 52SE or 1.4's for the front. Basically I am just looking for something that will outperform the MKII 1.3's (though they are very pleasing) Anyway, I looked at the BM15A's as a possibility as well. Would they suite in this enviroment or am I way off base. I was thinking that they would be a good way of getting a bit more depth with the size of the driver. I heard rumours that the BM6 was a takeoff of the MKII SE (even though the specs are different). Is that true? Whats your thoughts... I do not want to go with a floor stander though...
there are some threads on the comparisons of the 52se,1.4 con,1.3se.and even the special 25.if you like the dyn sound(i own the 1.3 se)go beyond the 52se.i havent owned the 52se,but the 52 i did,impressive for the money.i.3ses bass kicks it to the curb,good luck
Depending on your budget, I would tend to stay with the "home" audio end of the Dyn lineup. The older Confidence 4's are outstanding, and the Special 25's are pretty darn nice too. To my ears they sound best with tubes (I had mine powered w/Audio Research stuff, and later Classe' SS). Make sure the partnering equipment is up to task though or you wont hear what these speakers can really do.

I have only heard the "Pro" line in one recording studio, and have never heard them in a home environment. So take my comments with a grain of salt on the comparison issues.
I actually meant the BM15P not A. I actually used the BM15A's in a studio enviroment with a benchmark DAC1 in the past and was very impressed with my mixes. Then I went to the ADAM S3A's because they translated my mixes better. But the 15A's were very fun to listen to say the least..... maybe better suited to just listening... hmm decisions, decisions........

Keep the info coming!!!!
I would go for confidence line. A confidence C3 or C1 would represent a real upgrade compared to 1.3.