Dynaudio C2 Platinum compared to B&W

I am in the middle of trying to build a new system. I was planning on buying the B&W 804D's

I was at another dealer today and he had a pair of Dynaudio C2 Platinum as well as a Pair of Dynaudio C1 as demo units he was wanting to get rid of. (piano Black)

He was asking 8K for the pair of C2's and 4K for the Pair of C1's. I think these are usually around 12K and 7K a pair? I can't find much information on line about them concerning pricing.

Anybody want to give me your thoughts on these speakers. I think they are more comparable to the B&W 803D's and 805D's? If so, I think this would be a good deal. I thought the speakers sounded great. I have been a B&W fan for years and have owned a few pairs of the 800 series through the years. Was thinking about trying a little something different.


go for the C2 platinum. I have had the pleasure of listening to both the B&W and C1.
Many of the audio press (print and webzines) have the C2 in their reference systems. This is one excellent speaker. Keep me posted on your pruchase decision.