Dynastation Dynavox tube cd player

any user out there, looking for opinion and modification on the unit. Any personal experiences, how does it sound? Please advise??
I had one, some years ago. It is a very special player, of course with a unique look (grey wooden plinth, 50's russian army look) and technical design.
This is not an audiophile player. Most audiophiles did criticize it when we were comparing with other player (precision, bass, image, ...). But it was so musical and engaging ! 
High end model were praised in Germany.
Now I doubt I would buy one again today, as the playstation drive might face reliability issues (?). 

Thanks for your info.  I was just wondering; was your unit a Dynastation 1 or 2?    The latest but greatest was the 3, alot of people compared with the Ayon 5s and Amr 77.   The unit looks very interesting and has a unique design to it.