Dynavox DynaStation CD player

Who can tell me what happened with the German company Dynavox that manufactured DynaStation I and II CD players, pre- and power amplifiers? I believe that Chinese made Dynavox VR-70 EL-34 based amplifier ahs nothing to do with it.

Is this company out of business? In 2006, their web site was www.musicconenction.de
Now their ex-president and designer Roman Gross is offering a Philips-based CD player and some cables...
The German Dynavox doesn't exist anymore since the beginning of 2009. The market (at least here in Germany) including eBay had become inundated with cheap Chinese products of, erm, let us call it very debatable quality, that unashamedly took a hike and at the same time badly tainted the Dynavox brand's reputation.

Messrs. Moning and Gross pulled the plug. Moning now heads the new company DynamiKKs!, which can be considered the successor to Dynavox, also in terms of support for Dynavox products (mostly the speakers and the DynaStation, see attached link for full list). Gross is known for the Philips cdp mods and also supports some old Dynavox products (mostly amps, see link)
I had a Dynavox Dynastation II (USD $7k) one of the top 2 best CD players I have ever heard period. That thing was phenomenally good. I moved on to my mac mini as a music server into a Bidat Plus and an MSB Power Dac.
The Dynastation was a well designed and built superb sounding player. I think its lack of remote control and lack of display hurt its chances of success in the marketplace.
Dynavox probably ran out of used Sony PS-1, or maybe they figured that their magic with plastic $6000 "audiophile" transports no longer works.
Djdonis; I could infer from your tone, that you probably never ever heard the unit let alone saw one in real life (now perhaps you did, but knowing its sound and reading your tone..,).., etc

The reason was the Chinese.... They copied the unit to the point that they effectively destroyed the credibility of the company....

Djdonis, I see facts don't get in your way...

One of my College professors used to say it's ok to be loud sometimes, it's ok to be wrong sometimes but it's never ok to be loud and wrong.

Djdonis.., your loud and wrong
Audiofun - check your facts. Dynastation is plain old Sony PS-1 encased into fancy "audiophile" chassis and "improved" with some "rare NOS tubes". I understand your feelings when you paid $7K for a used Playstation that sells on fleebay for around $20 + fancy casework.
You're right, Audiofun, on all counts.
Thanks Kevinkwann. The Dynastation was one of those rare products that sounded like music. The former importer is also the importer of AMR which I now own, DP777 and PH77 for my SP10 MK3 turntable. I still sometimes miss the sound of the Dynastation.

Sold my Dynastation 2 to a fella who also owns the Dynastation 3.

The Super Bidat and the Dynastation 2 sound VERY VERY similar.