Dynaco Stereo 80 Tube Amp????

I have one of these amps made by Dynaco/Panor in the early 90's and cannot find any information at all on this amp. It sounds incredible. Is it rare/one off/prototype???? Any help would be appreciated.
Um did you try google? I just googled Dynaco Stereo 80 and a ton of stuff came up. Give it a try.
I previously owned one of these amplifiers...

As you mentioned, it was a rare bird. Most people confuse it with a solid state product Dynaco produced of the same name. The Stereo 80 addressed the well-known complaints of the venerable Stereo 70: a bigger power supply and a "proper" driver (Mullard long tail pair vs. traditional Dynaco Concertina) stage. There were also a couple of niceties such as the triode/UL switch and bias LEDs.
Thanks for the info Trelja. Yes I did google it Jond, but there is a big difference from the Stereo 80 solid state amp which is all over google and the Stereo 80 tube amp of which very little info is around.
Wow sorry about that how embarrassing. I didn't look closely enough and assumed they were all talking about a tube amp. It even looks like one. Glad Joe was able to help you enjoy your amp.