Dynaco/SS Bi-amp w/ Von Schweikert query

The tube bug has been hitting me lately, and I'm interested in bi-amping my VR4 HSEs with a W. Vincent Dynaco 70 for the mids and highs, and my Kenwood 700m on woofers. The 700m has an output of about 190 wpc, but it also has r. and l. volume pots. Preamp (Kenwood 700c), thankfully, has two sets of outputs.

For the pros out there: how likely is it that I could establish an output balance between the Dyna and the 700m by setting the volume pots on the power amp? No doubt you could balance them at a particular volume, but is it likely that the balance will hold when you change the volume via the preamp pot?

Also, is anyone using the Dyna 70 VR combination, biamps or otherwise?

Thanks in advance for the help.
By using the "pots" on the Kenwood amps,tou should be able to match output levels.This "balance" will hold as long as the "pots" aren't touched.
You might be better off finding a stronger tube unit to power the VSA.The imaging characteristics will be different between the two units-SS/tubed Dyna.
I have the VR4geniii's and tried to biamp in a similar way. I used a SS amp on the bass units, and a TAD 60 on the mid/tweets. The TAD 60 has a volume pot and when wide open it's more sensitive (ie louder) than my SS amp (Eagle 4). It seemed like it would work out ideal. What I found was it was too hard to get the volume balanced out to a level I was satisfied with, and bottom line that biamp combo didn't appeal to me as much as my normal vertical biamp setup using 2 Eagle 4's, nor was it as appealing as the TAD 60 driving the VR4s full range. Indeed, using my TAD 60 in triode mode (30 w/c) really made the VR's sing, but at the end of the day I went back to the vertical biam setup using 2 identical ss amps (see my system).

So, the point is you'll need to be more patient than I was in getting the right balance setting on your Tube/ss biamp arrangement. But, if you haven't tried it yet - give your VR's a try using your tube amp full range.
Thanks Bd and Tpsonic--very helpful.