DVI Inputs & Outputs

Here is my question.

I have a cable converter box with a DVI Output and a HDTV wit a DVI Input. My HT Receiver does not have a DVI connector. Is there a way I can connect the Cable Box DVI Out to the receiver and connect the receiver to the HDTV In to take advantage of my Home Theater Sound System.

Thanks for any and all help.

Why wouldn't you just run a digital cable out from the cable box and into the receiver? What would DVI have to do with that?
DVI (digital Video interface) is video only.

DVI is video only. Run your DVI cable from box to monitor(tv). Run your audio cables or digital audio cable into your receiver.
Why not just go from cable box directly to the TV and bypass the HT receiver altogether. This elimnates any conversion and a 2nd video cable as well. Surely the TV has multiple inputs so use one directly from the cable box and if you have many other video sources, run those through the HT receiver and have that drive another TV input. I'm a big fan of not using the video switching of a receiver or preamp/processor to keep the video signals isolated from the audio signals going through here. This is the best way to take advantage of the HT sound system. And if you have a programmable remote, you can configure it to choose the source on the receiver and the corresponding input on the tv at the same time.