Dvd vs LD inputs on lex mc-12b

Is anyone out there familiar with the difference between a
dvd input and an ld input. Situation: I have 2 dvd players,
1 dvd cd player and 1 dvd,sacd,dvd-a player. Both dvd1 and dvd2 inputs are in use on a lex. mc12-b next input is an ld input on the main zone. Can i use the ld input for another dvd player for testing 3 different dvd player or is there a difference between the two inputs, ie analog vs digital. The lex. also has a zone 2 and record zone which at this time are not in use. I hope this makes sense to whoever reads this. Thanks in advance.
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You can use the input for anything as long as it is not an LD input that has an AC3 decoder built in.