DVD sound via audio-only sound system?

Can I physically connect a DVD player (not yet bought) to my stereo pre-amp? I want to run only the sound portion of movies through my stereo if possible. Also would like to play CDs on it (if I buy one).

Today I saw a Consumer Reports review of DVD players, which seemed to imply that your pre-amp needs to have either a coax or optical digital input in order to accept the sound from a CD player.

Is this true? Or do DVD players have "conventional" (i.e., unbalanced RCA-type jacks like most CD players use) interconnects? Is the digital input only required for "multichannel" (i.e., more than 2 channels), which I don't have?

Thanks for clarifying this!

- Eric
Yes, DVD Players will play just like a CD player through the line outputs into any preamp. I use a Pioneer DVD this way. And yes, the digital out is only for playing AC-3 and DTS surround sound and could also be used with an audio DAC.
yeah, that'll work fine. i do it with my dvd and it sounds damn good, even through "only" 2 channels. it's amazing how stereo spatial info can be recorded out-of-phase etc. to sound like it's all around you.
If you connect using the DVD player's 2 channel RCA line outs to the preamp's L/R line ins, the preamp shouldn't care what the source is. The info you read applies if you want to use home theater multichannel decoding in the preamp. As long as you'll be satisfied with 2 channel audio you'll have no problem. Be sure to check your DVD setup for the suitable audio out setting. If its set for Dolby and you connect to a non-Dolby preamp, it could cause damage.
I do not believe there is any such thing as a Dolby audio out setting on a DVD player. There are settings for the type of digital out, but the wrong one will not cause damage, the decoder just will not understand the signal. There are separate composite audio and video outs on many DVD players. These are the wrong ones for your purpose.
Sugarbrie: My Sony s300 DVP has a specific Dolby setting selectable in its onscreen audio setup menu and the manual has a clear warning that equipment damage may result if that setting is used with an amplifier without the Dolby circuit. Just passing it along; never hurts to err on the side of caution.
DWPC, I learned something new today. Thanks for the info. You are talking about the analog outputs?
dwpc - i believe you must be talking about the digital outputs. i don't think there is such a thing as a two-channel analog DTS/dolby pro output.
S2K...I don't have my s300 manual here, but I believe it meant that when Dolby digital out is selected, the 2-channel analog outs will still carry a signal that could cause damage if connected to the amp's analog inputs.
Thanks for the reassurance guys (and for understanding my somewhat garbled question!).

- Eric

I use the new Sony DVP NS500V for CD's and DVD's in my two channel system, and it works great. FYI, I've noticed that there are increasingly more "lower end" combo players like my Sony with some great features! For example, my Sony cost $280 shipped, brand new, and it plays DVD, CD, SACD, and multi-channel SACD. Similarly, I recently saw a progressive scan DVD player from Toshiba for $250 that also plays DVD-audio. I have found my Sony to be a terrific value. I have a friend who has the higher end 9000ES DVD/SACD player. While there are obviously sonic and video differences, they are hardly worth the huge disparity in price. If you have not gotten into one of the newer formats and want to give it a try at a good price, you might want to look into some of these new products. Again, I have found that my Sony does a VERY good job as an audio-only component in my two channel setup. Happy listening!
Did I read this thread correctly? DVD analog output directly connected to amp will cause damage when the signal is from a source with dolby digital?

I think you guys got it mixed up.

Most DVD players have built in processors and multichannel outputs. This allows you to connect your dvd player directly to your amp or preamp or whatever.

This seem to be pretty simple thing unless I misread something somewhere.

And yah, the left right outputs on the dvd player can be set to send out a stereo signal, surround sound signal, simulated surround sound signals, 2 channel dolby, 5.1 channel dolby and whatever the software and hardware would allow.