DVD Ripping

I have dbpoweramp for ripping cd's now what to get for ripping dvd's and dvda discs to my PC & NAS drive.
Thanks for the help
DVD Audio Extractor - there is a 30 day trail available.

Thanks for recommendations.
Do you know if there have been any comparison reviews about DVD rippers for audio sound as there have been for CD's?
Ripping DVD-A is not all that common because of the copy protection. There are not that many options, as you can see from the responses to your question. The discussions I have seen are more how to do it that trying to compare quality.

You can also try DVD Audio Explorer, which is one of the earliest and most widely used free programs, although it is a somewhat obtuse command line interface.

slysoft does dvd -a . i have several i burned using it . does all new dvd movies coming out . never a problem.
Thanks for the reply's I will try them all.