DVD players killing new formats......

This is related to my other thread about DVD-A but is a seperate point for discussion.
DVD players are selling (and have sold)like hotcakes here in the UK-it's the same worldwide.
My argument is this,we need the general public to buy the new formats (SACD,DVD-A) otherwise the record companies and manufacturers will just ignore them and continue to focus on normal CD releases.
Now if you are the average Joe,why after buying a machine that plays movies in a new improved format and plays CD's at a level your happy with-why are you going to buy a new machine in the next 5 years?,especially since you just bought that nice new widescreen TV as well.
Have the big companies blown the new formats by giving the masses a new improved format (for movies) and re-confirmed the strength of CD's?

The guys making the dvd machines need to get dvd-A in them at a price the average Joe can afford.They might not get the guy with the new machine but the format will be around when he needs another one if they get them out there before to long.
My belief is a Machine that does it all dvd/dvd/a/cd/sacd for 299.00 us.It wont be audiophile quality but at least people can start buying the software.
This is why I have been saying DVD-A will win in the end over SACD. DVD-A is basically 24bit/192Mhz. Most DVD Players are currently 24bit/96Mhz. The only reason there are no cheap 24/192 DVD machines is the price of the 24/192 chips and related circuits. Like everything else they will get cheaper as more of these chips are made and will probably make 24/96 obsolete. Joe and Jane Consumer will not know the difference when they buy their DVD machine, but once 24/192 becomes standard, all new regular CDs sold in record stores will also be 24/192, just like we are seeing 24/96 CDs becoming commonplace right now. So DVD-A is nothing more than regular redbook CDs evolving; just like they have gone from 16bit, to 18, then 20, now 24 bit

Sorry SACD lovers. It may sound better than DVD-A, but if I am correct it does not have a chance. Remember that 4 years ago HDCD was the the high end CD of the future. HDCD is already almost forgotten and virtually obsolete.

Sugarbrie I agree with you very well stated.
Sugarbie-your points are logical however I guess it will depend on how easily and cheaply a dual format disc can be produced.
Since that's what it will take for DVD-A to be succesful without those who've already bought machines changing them.
Isn't there still some doubt that the record companies will go down this road?
No different than people replacing their Prologic HT Receiver with one that plays AC3 and DTS; or before that getting a stereo TV to replace the mono one. It will take time. Same for HDTV. It is coming slowly. Not everyone will be running out to buy a new TV set.