DVD audio recording?

I'd appreciate some help from those of you experienced with digital recording. I have a large number of LPs that I'd like to archive to a digital format. I bought a used CD burner, but I began to wonder if there could be a way to record them at a higher resolution. Immediately, I though about buying a DVD+R/RW machine, but I can't figure out from the manufacturers' website whether or not their machines will record an analog signal in 24/96. Almost all of the websites claim 24/96 DACs and 24/96 digital output, but most don't specify the analog to digital specifications. Those that do, (Philips) indicate a 16 bit ADC. Has anyone had success in recording analog signals onto DVD at 24/96 resolution? What kind of equipment will it require? Thanks for the help.
The problem is that the Alesis 24/96 disks record only about 20 minutes on a CD-R and are not compatible with any other players. I'm looking for DVD 24/96 recording information, if anyone has any.
I am in the same boat at you are. I have an Alesis MasterLink and have been archiving my LPs for the past few months. I choose to record at 24/88.2 rather than 24/96 so that I can put a little over 23 minutes on each CD, just enough for one side of most of my LPs. It also sounds better when I down convert to redbook to play in my car.

The latest MasterLlink can write to CD-R/W. So if you want to save some money, you can use those to transfer the hi-res AIFF files to your PC and later burn to DVD-R. Alesis will not erase CD-R/W so you have to do that on a PC. I also have a Sony external DVD burner. My next step is to find a DVD authoring program that will accept 24/88.2 AIFF files. I haven't found one yet. Anyone know of any?
Try DISKWELDER this is a dvd-a authoring program. It is available in two versions, chrome or steel.

regards Jim

Thanks for the pointer. Diskwelder Steel seems to be exactly what I have been looking for.

Just one question. Diskwelder web site says it burns DVD-A disc. Do you know if it can burn DAD like the ones from Classic Records? I believe those are regular DVD-V with only 24/96 PCM tracks and no video. I don't have a DVD-A player. I would like to play on a regular DVD and feed the 24/96 signal to a DAC.
So basically you want to burn a DVD Video with a 24/96 Audio Track and no video track, that will play on a standard DVD Player. To do this all you really need is a DVD Authoring software package that supports 24 bit audio. I have successfully done this on a PC using Sonic Foundry's Vegas+DVD http://www.sonicfoundry.com/Products/showproduct.asp?PID=810
You can even download a working demo I believe.