DVD audio output: Optical or Digital RCA?

My CAL DVD 2500 has an optical audio output and a digital RCA audio output. Which one would you use? I am asking this because I am running the signal through my DVDO iScan HD for LipSync (the picture improvement with this unit is VERY nice with my Samsung DLP!). The DVDO has both of these inputs. Is there really any difference in sound quality? Light pulses vs. electricity... Hmmm Please let me know what you think! Thanks for looking... Paul
Always go with coax when a vailable. Most manufactures build in optical because of cost. Direct wire is better in all applications, expecially longer runs
If you are talking about DVD-A then you will need to go with analog interconnects from the DVD-A player to the pre/rcvr to get full potential.

If yer just talking about audio output from DVD, i reccomment coax first and foremoest because it cuts out a converion from electrical to light then light to electrical, and anytime you convert something like that there has to be some type of affect.

Also, dont be fooled by these "High Quality" optic cables. None of them hold a candle next to the capability of telecommunications fiber. I used to do a lot of work with fiber optics in the past, this stuff is all pretty low grade if you ask me. Then again, not many audio companys are going to put multithousand dollar transciever units into a dvd player. LOL
You might want to to to www.fatwyre.com and give them a call and sample the lending library. I got talked into trying some cables that I would never have even considered and I borrowed some from them and I got my chance to decide for myself.

Yes, as a matter of fact there is a difference between various fibre optic cables.
Many thanks to those of you who replied to my questions! I had a feeling these would be the answers I would get. I suppose I was looking for a little "reassurance" so to speak... So now tell me if you will..., which brand of coax digital cable would you recommend?? There are so many different ones out there. I am just looking for the best "bang" for my buck! Thanks Again! Paul
Acoustic Zen.