Dual Theta TLCs: Best Cabling?

I've heard of others using two separate clock conditioners, like the Theta TLCs, in series and achieving very nice results. I currenty own two of these jitter boxes myself.

I've also seen jitter box test results, showing the TLC achieving a wopping 80+ percent jitter reduction when you use optics in and coax out. Coax to coax performance is much less and the testers surmised a common ground issue. In any case, intrinsic coax jitter is smaller to begin with.

So here's the question: what is the best cabling for dual TLCs? I'm thinking CD player/tranport -> optical -> TLC1 -> coax -> TLC2 -> coax -> DAC.

Can anyone confirm?
John B
In my system I am forced to use the Toslink in. However, I do have five TLCs in series followed by a Monarchy DIP and then an Ultra Jitterbug. I first modded my TLCs by using 75 ohm BNC connectors in and out which was a significant improvement. I used DH Labs D-75 cables. An even greater improvement was when I removed the BNC connectors and hard wired all five of the TLCs using Illuminati "Ohm-Aha" 75 ohm cable available from partsconnexion.com. If you do not want to mod your TLCs, I would recommend D-75 digital cables with RCA connectors.

The latest HiFi News did a test of Jisco jitter filters. They were astounded that the Jisco improved the sound of a Meridian transport and Perpetual Technology P3 DAC, even though the measured jitter spectrum was unchanged with the addition of the Jisco.

The more jitter filters the better the sound. Good luck!