Cabling ideas for Meadowlark Kestrals?

I'm using a pair of Kestral Hot Rods with a Music Reference
RM-9mkII 125wpc tube amp. Anyone with experience with these
or other Meadowlark speakers and a similar amp have any
suggestions on speaker cables?
I am using Nordost blue heaven and they work pretty well. Since these are biwired and a 4 meter run in a second system I am a little constrained on my choices for $ reasons. I saw a pair of shotgunned Nirvans on the site the other day and they would be very very good especialy for tubes. For the $ the Blue Heaven work well.
The most logical choice would be DH Labs. These speakers are internally wired with them.
I'm using Zu Cable Julians... These replaced Harmonic Tech Pro-11
I am using some Cardas Quadlink with Analysis 12 jumpers. I probably need to have all Cardas or all Analysis biwires to make things simple. The Cardas is a little lean in the bass but not enough to discourage. Powered by a Anthem amp 1.
Harmonic Technology Melody Line 's are great with mine. Much better in direct comparison with Transparent and Cardas. I think HT is coming out with an even more affordable cable, check the show report on the ongoing CES at soundstage. The DH Labs is also an affordable and logical choice. With the Kestrel you want a cable that is transparent and lets a lot of detail through with goo bass control, nothing warm or muddy. Have Fun.
Thanks for the advice, guys.
Hey Chelillingworth, you mentioned your direct
comparison - what amp were you using? I'm using Cardas
Cross cables now and they sound fine, but they're the first
ones I've tried and I'm sure I can probably do better if I had the time and resources to do some direct comparisons of
my own.
At the time I di that comparison it was HT Melodyline vs Cardas Crosslink using a Audio Refinement Complete integrated and a Rotel rcd 971 cd player.
I'll give the HT's and DH Labs a try.