Dual repair

Anyone know of a good Dual repair guy in Los Angeles or Diamond Bar/ West Covina? I have a 1229 i'd like to have fixed.
Brooks Berdan Ltd in Monrovia.
Hello, I might be able to help you through a rebuild if you feel that you are handy with simple tools.. I have the maintenance manual as well in PDF form if you would like a copy let me know.
Thanks Norman- Actually, i contacted Brooks Berdan in Mornrovia. He's going to take care of it for me. He fixed my sons Dual last month but that was just a simple belt replacement and alignment. He doesn't carry Dual parts. As long as my Dual doesn't need parts, he can fix it. If not, i will contact you.I appreciate the offer. Thanks.
Mechanically, the Dual is extremely robust. I would recommend steaming the bottom to remove the old grease then applying a good automotive synthetic grease to lube the automatic play gears. The motor should be pulled apart (not easy to do) and the bearings should be soaked in a good oil. I used a synthetic oil hear as well. Some actually apply a spot of grease in the bearing before reassembly. The tone arm jewels should be touched with oil and inspected to make sure that their isn't any slop. I have never seen them need re-adjusting. Lastly, the platter bearing and race should be cleaned and again oiled and greased. It is very unlikely that you will need to replace the platter bearing as it is a set of ball bearings, and again extremely robust. Be sure to occasionally lift the platter off and apply a good 10-weight oil to the platter shaft. This not only lubes the shaft but will drip down into the bearing too. You will notice that the very top and very bottom of the shaft is rough. It is supposed to be. This retains oil and distributes it during rotation to the smooth part of the shaft. You will be hard pressed to find a turntable that sounds as good and as built as well. Only the Thorens TD 124 comes to mind for the type of quality that is in the Dual 1229.
Take care.
Thanks for the reassurance on the table. I don't trust myself enough to work on it. It would be great if community colleges had courses on audio gear maintenance.Probably not a demand for it.