Droplet 5.0 CD vs. modified Denon DVD-3910

Has anyone compared these two machines in their own system?

I currently own the Droplet, and am very impressed with it's sonics, but would like to venture into some SACD and DVD-A software, so was looking at the Denon as a possible alternative.

Specifically, I would like to know how the two compare with redbook CD playback, however, as this constitutes the majority of my music library.

Any comments/suggestions/feedback would be most appreciated.
Den, real nice gear and room you have....own a Droplet also, about 9 months...found it superior to the BATVKD5se and Wadia 830 predecessors....have you changed out the Droplet Fuses??
Hello Larryken - no I have not, could you please elaborate? Are these internal, external? What did you replace them with? Thanks