Downgrade Suprise?

Has anyone downgraded according to price and Stereophile grade and been surprised or that it surpassed performance of the other?

I'll throw out my scenario considering a supposed "downgrade" from Revel M20 to Triangle Zerius 202; reasons are many but not a factor in my general question.

I always here about the traditional price/review class upgrade success stories but I thought the other direction success stories should be heard.

Hmm… I guess my last post is not a speaker response. But it was speaker cable!
I have owned both Traingles and M20's. The Triangles are faster, far more efficient and amp friendly. The M20 has more body and bass weight with the right amp. The M20's do't respond well to amps such as gainclones or small tube amps that don't have much control. There is a big difference in sound between the two pairs, but both can be excellent when matched with the right gear and room.
I've seen how little bookshelf Boston A120 vintage speakers can humiliate and outperform Bose901 literally with any amp low or high powered.
Stereophile "recommendations" are only someone's opinion and very far from absolute. Your opinion may vary. It's actually kind of refreshing.
Those anticables sound interesting, mmmmm.....
Yes, my original post kind of points to a company that really knows its engineering over its' marketing.

Another example is that I have a TD-124 with Denon 103-LC mounted on a ESL-2000,a tonearm that most people consider a throw away. I think the synergy is pretty fantastic and I use it as much as my Nottingham and Jelco arms. The ESL-2000 has its issues; aka no antiskating (grrrrr), but it belts out full bodied sound.

I guess downgrades (according to popular ratings) is trumped when synergy is really working.

I decided not to do the Triangles (althoug I met regret it) because I have a pair fostex fullrange waiting for me to finally put it in a cabinet that would most likely give me the speed and transparency that the Triangles would.

Cheers and love to hear more "downgrade"/synergy success stories.