Done with integrated Preamp for Plinius SA102...

I have a new pair of Sonus Faber Cremona. Very nice. And I have decided to listen to a couple of integrated amps to eventually replace my Plinius 8150: the new Concentra from Jeff Rowland and the new Logos from Pathos Acoustics:

Plinius 8150:
+ quite an open sound and good dynamics.
- a bit dry, need some extra warmth.

JR Concentra II:
+ incredible texture, beatiful mid-range and LOTS of air.
- the highs are a bit aggressive (higher piano notes) and it's too expensive (at least, in Europe)

PA Logos:
+ sweet highs.
- this amp was a major disapointment for me. The sound is too dark and too closed for my taste.

I have two options here: the new Plinius 8200 mkII but ONLY if it's warmer than the 8150/8200 mkI. Is it? Guess not... Actually, I am starting to think that the Cremonas do need separated components! And I have the chance to get a Plinius SA-102 for a good price. But I would still need a not-too-expensive preamp. Maybe tubes, I don't know. What are your suggestions? Thanks.
The Plinius SA-102 is a really great sounding amp. For an inexpensive volume control you might consider Electronic Visionary Systems Ultimate Attenuators. You would have to determine if passive attenuation will work in your system first however. The Ultimate Attenuators are dual mono and therefore less convenient in use. Electronic Visionary Systems just started producting these again after discontinuing their production for awhile.
I've found the Plinius 8200 mkII to be anything but "dry." See my review. I'd gladly answer any questions about it.
You know what I Have is the SA 100 that was reviewed by
Wes Philip.I thought this is the best amp Plinius can
produce until I heard the 102 IMO I think this is
2 or 3 times better than the SA 100.I am auditioning
x250 at this time, and I do have the oddyssey also
are also good amp,If you asked me I will choose the 102
I am very impress, the pass x250 and the oddyssey, the
SA 100 they are also good. Plinius when you put them
on A mode very few amps I know can go near in terms of
musicality and transparency, some can be transparent
but loose musicality become bright or lean.But not the
Plinius SA100 or 102. My 20 cents experience.