Does this seem as good to you as it does to me?

I stopped by a local stero shop today to check out some B&W speakers and listen to them with different receivers. Talked to the salesperson for a little while and got a deal worked out for a Yamaha RX-V1000, pair of B&W 604 S3 and the matching LCR 600 S3 Center Channel and speaker cable for $2400.00.
I am really excited about this price. I don't think I can beat this deal.
I would really like to know if you guys who have been following and studying this stuff for much longer than I think this is a good average or not so good of a deal.
Thanks in Advance
According to Bluebok prices the retail on these items are as follows
RXV 1000 $ 1000
604 $ 1600
LCR $ 500
The speaker prices are for original not S3 so retail price may be more. The Yammie is last years model I think, but has the same features as new model probably. You are getting better than a 20% discount which is pretty good.
As a Yamaha dealer I would say that the newer models usually offer more features for less money.