Does the Meridian G98-AH upsample?

I was about to purchase a Meridian G08 upsampling cd player, and then started leaning toward the Meridian G98AH player. I have a large collection of redbook CD's, and was wondering if the G98 upsamples as the G08 does? I've searched Meridian's website over and do not see that information anywhere. Does anyone know? Sonically, would the G98 be better, equal to, or worse than the G08 on CD's?
From what i've been informed it upsample and has a special buffer (jitter is told to be zero).
The redbook is on the same level as G08.
The G98 will upsample if connected to a Meridian processor like the 568, G68 or the 861. They connect thru a comms cable allowing true upsampling.