Does Mc Intosh make reference gear

I have been reading the current thread here about Mc Intosh being bashed. People are saying they use cheap parts or have a 70's type of sound. I don't know the Mc line that well. Do they make a reference line? If they do why don't you ever hear about it? If they don't maybe they should. I'm sure audiophiles would give more props to Mc Intosh if they made some cutting edge products.

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Well, I've learned on this thread that high end was born in the 80's. Thanks Elizabeth. Then Csontos tells me the Brits were the reason in the 70's. Wow, what was I doing in the 60's? And thank you Csontos for your opinion on McIntosh. I think old Harry Pearson might disagree with you about your thoughts on their "also ran" tube stuff. You know Harry? The founder of Absolute Sound. His reference is Mac tube. But what does he know? Have you actually ever listened to a Mc275 or an Mc2301? I doubt it. But I guess it makes no difference since the British invasion.