Does LG still plan to release a combo player

A couple months ago I heard that Samsung and LG have been trying to develope a combo player for HD DVD and Blu Ray discs. Since then, I heard that Samsung has abandoned that player and joined one side of the camp. So far I haven't heard anything else from LG. Has anyone heard more about this?
Turk- Well they are still planning to release one as far as I know. But guess what?... My sense is the whole thing is losing steam rather quickly, despite all the flap.. just a guess... its gonna take quite awhile for any adoption or mass interest in the HD-DVDs/BLu Ray DVDs anymore than SACD and DVD-A.

The current stuff, both display and DVDs, are just too good--way better than VHS and old generation TVs for interest-- the real quality jump just isnt as discernible.
Sorry to revive an old thread, but LG just announced a HD DVD and Blu Ray combo player today at CES that will be released sometime in the middle of February, which probably means, realistically, end of March, mid-April, etc. MSRP is starting at $1150 I believe.