Does anyone prefer Toslink, with DAC?

I do not have choice! My Karik provides BNC, Coax and Toslink. The DAC i am using DPA1028 have, Toslink and Deltran (unique option for use with DPA transport). The designer prefered slower but cleaner Toslink, over faster but 'polluted' Coax. What is your choice, and why? Thanks!
Eldragon; I've had a couple of Sony ES CD players that only had Toslink out, and in a $10K system with a good DAC they sound just fine as transports. I don't feel I'm missing anything musical by using Toslink. Cheers. Craig

Toslink often sounds better than coax. Better bottom end and more open in the mids. Don't be afraid.
I am using a CD changer with Toslink out. I recently purchased a Wireworld glass Toslink canle which is excellent. To reduce jitter from the Toslink I send it through five jitter filters; 3 Theta TLCs, a DIP and an Ultrajitterbug. Try several Toslink cables for best results. I used to prefer the Chord Optichord over Monster and Kimber. The Van den Hul Toslink is highly regarded and somebody was selling one the other day for $50. Good Luck!