Does anyone out there own a Supratek Malbec or Mondeuse amp?

I have owned my Supratek Cortese preamp for many years and I cannot see myself ever getting rid of it. I have loved this preamp from the first day I got it. I have always wondered what the Supratek amps would sound like. I now own a Sandersound Magtech amp paired with my Gallo Nucleus Reference 2 speakers. I have enjoyed the tube pre SS power combo, but if Mick's amps are as good as his preamps I can't help but wonder how good the combo could sound. If anyone owns either one of these amps, could you please give me your impressions of them. 

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Thanks very much for your comments. I am very happy with my setup, but I always wonder what a full Supratek preamp power amp setup would sound like.