Supratek Malbec. Any user opinions?

I started looking at this amp after stumbling across the long pre amp thread. It is mentioned a couple times in a not particularly helpful way. Anybody got any miles on a pair?

Was thinking about going with a Wright-sound SE but the Supratek would give me more flexibility. I run a pair of Joseph Audio satellite speakers with a Velodyne DD12 sub.

I now have a pair of Channel Islands D100 that sound fine, I'm just wanting to investigate possible upgrades before I settle in. Most recently tried a PrimaLuna Prologue 4 and very slightly preferred to CIs.

Thanks for any 2 cents worth
Two owners that I am aware of with the Supratek preamps and mono block amps are members Pablovila and Kgturner.

In the Supratek thread ,find Pablovias comments at 12-23-07.
Contact him via e-mail,I,m sure he would be more then happy to answer any of your questions.

Kgtuner has had an undetermined buzzing problem with his monos in his system.I'm sure Mr.Tuner would also be helpful.

If you are concidering any one of the Suprateks preamps.
Spend the extra bit for the phonostage.
The phonostages are the icing on the cake with these preamps.
They hold their value more so with the phonostage included if by chance you wanted to sell it for any reason.
For some generally positive comments. It's an amp I'm shopping for right now but can't find much more on the Malbec than the paragraph at site. It's always nice to get some user comments. Thanks for the direction though.
Larry R
I have the Supratek Burgundy monos. They are a 4 chassis design that Mick produced between 2003-2005. He no longer makes them due to the time required to build. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about them. The Burgundy's are 100wpc. BTW: they sound fantastic! ;-)
Have anybody compared Burgundy to Mondeuse ? Burgundy seems to be the most advanced power amp of Mick's designs (4 separate chassis), the most expensive too. On the other side Mondeuse is only 2 chasis, but it has adjustable negative
and positive feedback which is great. It is newer design too.
DId anybody had a chance to compare those two ? Please share your opinions.