Does anyone hear Bryston pre-amp BP26?

I was wondering if anyone hear Bryston pre-amp BP26? how much improvement does it get compared to older model BP25? Do you use Bryston pre-amp with different brand Amp?

I've had the BP26 for a few months now. Using Bryston 3bsst and love it. I've only compared to the 1.7 processor which uses the BP25 pre and find the 26 much smoother and more refined.
I have listened to the BP26 several times. I too currently own the SP1.7 (equivalent to the BP25 for 2-ch analog). The BP26 improves on the BP25 (to a minor but important degree). It sounds slightly more detailed and "big" in a good way to me. IMHO, the BP26 offers tremendous value, not that the BP25 is a slouch in any way.
What about ST to SST monitors.Of course magazines are gonna say 'How did we survivve andnadvance as specieswithout the new "yakakablat 500" but they say that crap all th time.Ocassionally (B&W;'s new tweeter) it's deserved.But I have heard with Brystoin the big jump in tech nd sound was from plain B to B ST.I am not sold that the new SST's sound that much better.If you want to buy new,can,do so.There are many good reasons for supporting dealers chief among them we can' re-sell to each other constantly and expect these companies to survive but I want more honest feedback on the new gear to justify it.I have read subtle but significant 100,000 times at age 41 and amd getting immune when I should be laughing at the utter stuppidity of such anc an oxymoron made for morons.Its a subtle change" if fine an the end of the sentence .The next can whether that is worth the new higher price.Other changes hit you over the head like a hammer and if that happens we should sy it because it's true not because we wish it so.
Chazz, the ST and SST nomenclature refers to Amplifiers, not Preamplifiers as this particular thread is discussing. I digress, having owned both ST series and SST series amplifiers, I can assure you there is a difference. Forgive me, the difference was subtle but definitely appreciable.

I have had 4B/4B-SST and 7B-ST/7B-SSTs. I agree with you. The change from going from the B series to the ST series was significant; the ST to SST series results in a much, much smaller change. If you read the stereophile review (for what it is worth) on the 7B-SSTs, the reviewer prefers some aspects of the 7B-ST over the 7B-SST.

IMO, the ST/SSTs are greatly improved over the B series. The SSTs are slightly different then the ST series. I prefer the SSTs, but there are others who may prefer the ST. I think the SST and STs sound so much alike, that the price differential may not be worth it (to everyone).
Thank you all.

The reason i'm asking because i want to upgrade my system (rotel rc-1070 pre-amp) to a better pre-amp. Do you think Bryston pre-amp and rotel power amp match? I think i can go with Plinius integrated amp as many people seem to like plinius which matched quite well to the Totem speakers (I have Totem Forrest)

thanks again