Does anyone have Magnum XM tuners?

Hello to all,

This will be a two part post...second to follow. If anyone out there has one of the Magnum XM tuners...can you share your thoughts on the sonics..etc.?
there is a review in the latest tas issue #180.
While I read this review and think I understood it; I also wonder why they don't have a less costly version w/coax-out. This way they could have allowed those of us with a quality dac to not have to pay for their dac within. I mean 4k is a lot of change for a challenged medium.---AND; to be sure the dac within contributes to the overall price---They could still masage the DIGITAL signal. It sounds like they have done 'that' well;from the language in the review.
Does anybody make the kind of XM tuner I have in mind??
Avguygeorge....The Polk Audio XM tuner has a digital out and an outboard DAC does improve the sonics.
Hey thanks,Whatjd. I was with Directv a while back and they had changed from Music Choice. They gave us about 50 XM stations. Using the coax out of my Sony box the sound was good enough for me. Now I am with Time Warner Cable.(They use MC) Their classical stations play a lot stuff I don't care for. --- My anology would be a collection of classical records that had been picked thru/ all the good stuff gone / and they play what's left.
After your suggestion I have ordered the XRT12---Should be here next week. Anybody know is the 995 per/mo. still available? On the Crutchfield site; it doesn't seem to be there.--
Avguygeorge....let me know what you think of the unit on it's own...and with an outboard DAC.
Yes, I sure will. My dac is the AA Prestige se. It does a fine job with the cable box music stations. I know many members poo poo this and that's ok. I doubt I'll ever run it from rcas out---I'm just hoping it sounds as good as the cable box.-and that sound might surprise many.
I owned the first incarnation of sat. music/'round 20 years ago. That was called DMX radio. It had this cool remote. You got your info from a screen on the remote. THAT was the benchmark I was seeking, when I moved to directv.--That was a long,expensive journey.--This sony had a toslinc-out. No self respecting dac had this input. I paid MSB 500 to add a coax. IT was sad at best. Then I took it over to Theta; they ripped out msb's crappy coax and installed their own.-- Then I had what I had hoped for--something as good as the dmx-radio box. The cost of the D* box and the msb mod; added to the cost of the Theta mod and they added up to $2400--(true)-- Like all cable boxes; you just rent them and return when you switch services. I used that Sony box for 10 years and loved it. The Polk is a whole lot less in money,huh?
I have the XRT-12 with a Benchmark DAC1 - the Benchmark improves the sound. But I would love the Magnum - but at $2.5K, it's out of the question....
Well Crutchfield free ship took lots of time but my XRT12 is up and running. I can tell you this thing SUCKS-BIG TIME. Really, the sound is similar to AM-RADIO. YES, I have 3 bars and a good view of the southern sky(outside mount). I just about guess if they had put a decent d-to-a chip in there,things would be different. Another pick;--the remote sucks as well,but it does work better if you 'bounce' it off the opposite wall.
I would guess most must use this for background/ only. The content is good/just so,so,for quality. I can just imagine how bad they suck using analog connection. YES, mine is 4sale.
Well here I am 5 days later and I guess my Polk has burned in;some.For me content wins out over quality. (I can't believe I just said that.) I guess I have gotten over the shock of down-rezz-ing for xm. Altho I can say it does sound so much better with more time on it. The classical stations just play all the great stuff. (Unlike cable's MC) I am truly a satellite music junkie.--And have been for pretty much 20 years.-- It has been my staple,all that time. I will be keeping my xm box.'re right, the Polk is better with 200+ hours on it. I listen to the Jazz stations and 70 through 73 are either not compressed or compressed less than some of the others.....the "decade" stations 4 through 9 suck big time.
I'm really impressed w/ 110 and 113 as a classical guy. They just play great stuff all the time.--Meaning I'm not changing stations all the time.
Next thing I will be looking for is a tiny tv; say 7 (or so)in diag. screen. I have a knee that ain't so hot---Ok,ok, I was lazy before the knee problem but the box is to far away and the display is small. Any ideas??
Avguygeorge, I use a cheap Chinese 7" Color LCD for my XM display. Got it off eBay, was going to use it for a backup view for my truck/trailer, but never bothered with that, so I use it to see whats playing on the XM while i'm on the computer (can't read the Polk display from across room).

Also, If you like modern Jazz - Channel 71 "Watercolors" has better fidelity than 113 classical. I also like 110 and 113, but fidelity suffers a little.
Yes, I have ordered the Casio--- (whatever the # is) It has a composite-in and the ac adaptor. Tiny screen but should do the thing.
I hate to whine about things only the XM-Gods can answer but WHY so little info??--jeez you never which orchestra or soloist is playing.---I can't remember if Directv's XM stations give all the info??---(From above, I stated I did have xm via D*...about 18months ago.)
Well that DMX-Radio thing I had near 20 years ago had wireless remote w/ readout screen. They even told you who wrote the songs, say for rock,country, etc.
I got DirecTV HD with 50+ XM stations in my package. I pass the digital out of my receiver via TOSLINK to a Meridian 518 (switching all my digital sources) and then S/PDIF to my Museatex Melior DAC. Sounds as good as a compressed source is going to be for me - especially since all I had to do is run the TOSLINK to my 518. If I want to see what's playing, I just look up at my flatscreen TV. 4k for the Magnum? LOL - if I want to roll tubes I'll hook up my CAL Alpha. If I want to "massage sound" I can play with the DSP functions on the Meridian.