Does anyone have experience with MBL 8011 amps?

I'm looking for some feedback on the sound of these amps the MBL 8011 stereo amp or monoblocks.
Hi Don, I find HIFI very much like wine, car or woman. Everybody may have different taste, but everyone would agree on a fine one.

MBL 8011 is, by all means, an awesome amp. You may check its website for its awarded 8011S. In my opinion, it can rock and it can sound. MBL has the reputation of delivering very coherent, detailed, warm, and noble sound, but at an expensive cost.

For the same amount of money, you may find an amp that rock even harder - Krell, Levinson or Pass, but they will not sound the same as MBL. I can't describe the difference, but when you listen to it, I'm sure you will agree with me.

In a nut shell, I am very happy with 8011, but I would upgrade it to 9008 or 9011 if (and when) I win the lottery.
Hi Kuniken, I will have to take a road trip to the next state, that's the nearest dealer and give a listen.
Thanks Don
Hi, Don,
When you do, please listen to 8006A and 8011M as well. I also own a pair of 8006A as well, and they are as good (maybe better) as 8011S. I used to set them up as mono-mono, or bi-amp against 8011S. I find that I prefer mono-mono better. The bass and power kicked by 8006A mono is better than 8011S. And the details given by 8006A biamp is very close to 8011S. It will give you much more flexibility in setup, and save you some money on speaker cable (shorter length) as well. The shorter the speaker cable, then better it is.
I am sure 8011M would do the same, too. Happy listening.