Do YOU have a flat frequency response in your room?

The most basic truth of audio for the last 30 years is listeners prefer a flat frequency response. You achieve that through getting the right speakers, in the right position, in the right room, and then use room treatments and DSP to dial it in. If you are posting questions about what gear to buy and have NOT measured your room and dialed it in to achieve a flat frequency response FIRST you are blowing cash not investing cash IMO. Have you measured the frequency response in your room yet and posted it?



@lordrootman, the nice thing about ’online’ is that no one can twist your arm to buy. ;) I’ll read/listen, but that doesn’t mean a sale or commitment to do so. *S*

Never heard of or have heard Audyssey, but no reason to ignore either...*shrug* See which way the tech is drifting...

@lemonhaze , you articulated that very well, the key is a "smooth" in room response which combines with both direct sound and reflected sound. This was the strategy I used in treating my room, I pretty much followed the panel distribution laid out in this diagram:

@kota1, thanks for the compliment. The layout above looks like it will provide a good environment for our fine art of audio appreciation. 😁

'Absolute flat' is still a target, given the spaces we have to fill as best one may.

I'm pleased enough to get 'relatively flat', but still tweak to taste and the occasional recording.  And most being a work in progress anyway doesn't help much. *L*