do these 3 speakers rock?

paradigm monitor 9 v7 ---- Monitor Audio Rx6 ----- klipsch RF62II......
if anybody has auditioned these or bought them please throw your 2c in here... these are all in my region of spending and also will do double duty in a HT.... but when the music is on either CD or DVD concert it will be Rock musc... anything from Hendrix/the who through to Machine head... also some electronic music.
i can only audition the paradigm localy the others are far away so im just checking w/ my learned friends here
Don't know about the others but Klipsch WILL rock even with modest power. Never owned but friends did. Owned two pair of JBLs and they are a rockers friend.
This is just my opinion and experience-

Ive owned Paradigm 100 v.2's, V.3's + many other model Paradigms (including some monitor series stuff)over the years and if you really want to rock out and have a first rate home theater, grab some Cerwin Vega XLS 215's. If you don't care about every little detail and don't mind rolled off tweets, you will smile from ear to ear at what $1k bought you. The Paradigm monitor series are not going to give you what you are after IMO. Plus, with the CV's you can throw away your sub, you will not need it. As long as you are sitting at least 6-7 feet away these speakers are very musical. Grab a Emotiva xpa amp and you are set with them. The bass will likely be too much for your room so you may have to eq the low end down. Specially the 60-80hz range.

If the Cerwin Vega name scares you, or you can't handle the fact the drivers are lower quality, and the cabinet not as solid....grab some Klipsch speakers(RF-7's). IMO those are the only 2 speakers that will give you that magic power and authority for under $1k. You could also look at some Legacy classics if your budget can go up to $1300-$1500, and if you can go up to $3k I would look at some Legacy focus 20/20's which are the best speakers Ive ever owned.

BTW-I didnt want to like the CV's. I bought them just to see if the reviews were right. The funny thing is, everytime I hear them I shake my head. They are powered by a 100 watt "best buy" yamaha receiver and they really sound nice.