Do DACs break down less than a CD player?

After several of my upscale C broke down, I am wondering if I should get a DAC. Would it be more durable?
DACs have no moving parts, unlike transports, so they're unlikely to break down.

However, you still need a transport to play CDs with a DAC, so I don't see how a separate DAC is going to significantly lower the chance for break down of your CD playback system. I believe the Sony DVP-7700 ES is considered one of the more bomb-proof DVD/CD players, and it makes an excellent transport for not much money.

Of course, with a DAC, you have the option of using computer (hard drive) audio.
Thanks Tvad for that smart reponse - I will definitely look into using the computer as the source.

What's a good component to get the signal out of he hard drive? What soundcard ? Would you happen to know?
I use a Mac, iTunes and a Squeezebox. There are many other alternatives, but I'm not very familiar with the PC options. Mac keeps it simple.