dk design vs-1 information needed

I know there has been another thread started on this intergrated, as an audiogon member suggests, it is a tad warm in his system, anyone else have these results?
Also curious if anyone is using the phono section and the quality.
Any info from owners would be greatly Appreciated
Thanks to all
I have one of these amps and could not be more pleased. I am using the phono section. Instead of the jumpers they provided I had Frank at Signal Cable make a 8" silver IC to go from input to output. I also use his silver IC's for my TT to the phono input. My system though leans towards warm ( which I prefer) is not overly so. Great bass as well. Enjoy!
As I had suggested in another post, I do not think the DK amp leans on the warm side, in fact I think that it is completely neutral - neither warm or cold. Also, the character of the sound can change dramatically depending on the choice of tubes being used in the pre-amp section, this is where you can tailor the sound to integrate perfectly with your system. As the company recommended I upgraded to the Siemens CCA tube and the sound imrpoved to a level that is simply jaw dropping. With the Siemens CCA tube the sound is just completely neutral and takes the performance to a level that I have never experienced before with any other amp.
Also, let me just say that the DK amplifier is by far the best amplifier I have ever heard. After some break-in the amp has the most amazing bass, transparency, and lushness. Nothing in my experience even comes close.
what other equipment have you compared this intergrated to
where did you find the CCA tubes? Anymore available?
Please shoot me an email.
I concur that the DK DEsign VS-1 MKII is very neutral, especially using Amperex white label PQ shield gold pins or the Siemens CCa gold pins. It can be warmed up a bit by using Telefunkens or perhaps Mullards, which I don't and have never cared for.
Santanaali - Does it have enough gain for a 0,25mV MC cart and selectable loading (my cart is 100 ohms)? How do you find the performance of the phono section? How does it compare with other phono section you used? BTW, I also got Frank at Signal Cables to make a silver IC for me and I found it to be superb too.

Many thanks in advance for your help and advice.

All the best,
I agree, neutrality is its forte. I also use CCA's as recommended by Daniel.

The phono stage is actually very good but only handles MM cartridges, I use an MC woith a Trichord Delphini phono amp works great.

I was one of the ebay purchasers who got the MKI for $900.

The first reviews here were mine under forafistfullof.....