DIY Ribbon Tweeter build question....

Hi All,
I just picked up a pair of Aurum Cantus G2Si Ribbon Tweeters for a song and was wondering if adding them to my system in conjunction to my Fostex driver'd speakers and 25w/ch tube system would be advisable?

I don't plan on modifying the Omega speakers, but I have the skills to build a nice encasement for these.

If you think it's a good idea, what do I need as far as capacitor / crossover?

Need to know what fostex driver your using. But you might beable to get by with just a capacitor
6" paper twin-cone Fostex FE 167E with a frequency response at 50-20KHz & a sensitivity of 95dB at 8 ohms.
Thanks John.
167e rolls off around 12.5khz on axis off much earlyer. A .68uf mundorf or .82uf would work great. Or for less a clarity .47uf or 1.uf. Use a higher value if you listen off axis if you dont .68uf is pretty much where you want to be.
Since they are what they are, an enclosed tweeter, try them without going to all the effort and expense of building an enclosure for them. See if you even like them at all regardless of the brand and value(s) of capacitor(s) you use or select on before you build an enclosure. I found that Solen fast caps are great for high speed sound reproduction like full range speakers tend to be. If you want to tame down the metallic / chalk - like sound inherent to many aluminum ribbon tweeters, try a copper foil in oil cap. from Jensen perhaps to warm up the mids and top end. Your choices and preferences are what matter of course. Parts would be a great guide for you. 800-338-0531 ph. press 2 for tech. support. Tom
Thanks All,
I did try them and I'm going to pass on the entire idea. They did bring in some extra high end, but it lost a lot of warmth and was a bit annoying after a while. I guess the Omega's are fine just the way they are - alone.