Distortion during high frequency passages


My Rega Elys II/RB-250 (P2), started to distort sound during high frequency passages for the last couple of days, for example Norah Jones' Come Away With Me song starts to distort when she hits high pitches. I checked the tracking force and VTA, both are accurate. Any ideas?

Rest of my System...

Rega P2 (ElysII)
Monolithic PS-1 Phono Stage
DK Design VS-1 Ref MKII
Hales Revelation III
CEC CD 3100 CD Player

Thanks In Advance!!!

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There are a lot of possibilities.

The first thing I would confirm is that stylus isn't worn or damaged. To avoid permanently damaging your records, get it to your dealer for inspection under a microscope and do not use it until it gets a clean bill of health. Unless you have powerful enough magnification, and know what a stylus is supposed to look like as it wears, this is something to leave to a pro.

It's winter, and it's also possible that changes in temperature and humidity dictate an a different tracking force.

Then there's the possibility, not necessarily likely, that your tonearm has some damage to the bearings. Again, something you probably won't be able to judge for yourself.

I guess it's possible that the record has worn or been damaged as well.

I guess it's also possible that the stylus and/or record may simply need to be cleaned, or cleaned more thoroughly.

But I would start with the condition of the stylus and go from there.
Thanks Ekobesky, I just talked to the dealer and he asked me bring the player in, will post what he finds.