Display problem with Lexicon DC-1

I have a Lexicon DC-1 I used as preamp. While trying to dim the display, I inadvertently turn it off via the remote. I have problems turning it on again because the the display is compleletely off and I also dont have the manual. Any suggestion on how I could turn on the display will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.
Did you try unpluging the unit?
Yes, I turned off the main power switch at the back of the unit and then turn it on, but the display will only lit up to show the diagnostic test and opening display lines and then shut off again. Thanks.
you should download the manual from Lexicon:


Also, plug a TV into the video out and the display will be shown there so you can navigate the menus using the on-screen display.
Yes, I'll try downloading the manual. Thanks.