Discussion and information Roon 1.7 and 1.8 + Discount Code 30 days Free Coupon

Hello everyone I would like to share with you some information and criticalities of Roon, in my opinion a great software tool (the best on the market) that deserves to be tried and for those who appreciate it used every day, I have had many contacts with the developers to report some things (and many have resulted in them) but two have remained there ... I wonder if they are only problems that I feel ...
if someone more experienced wants to intervene I would be happy.
I highlighted two critical issues that bring me many problems, maybe someone has found a solution.
I state that I use roon server on a dedicated Intel nuc,
files on special character names like? they are not read.
also exporting playlists from audirvana the same files are not read on roon. anyone have suggestions?

I am attaching the code to get the 30 days free with a subscription.