My most recent speaker upgrade - Revel F50s - has made a considerable improvement in sonic detail and range, but I'm still sensing a lack of "analog" presence and realism. I'm starting to think the culprit might be my source, even though I also recently upgraded my DAC. Other candidates include so-so interconnects and an older amplifier. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best place to start in rectifying this problem? Could I find an one-box CD player for under $1000 that might make a difference? I'm not looking for a magic bullet here, just the most significant place to start. Here's a listing of my components. Your thoughts are appreciated.
Revel F30s
Parasound 1200 Mk II amp
conrad johnson PV10B pre
parasound PLD-1000 CD
proceed PDP 3 DAC
tara labs/audioquest inter.
harmonic tech melodyline cables

I'd start with the amp - those are nice speakers and deserve a really nice amp. If you'd have the same $1000 budget for a used amp, I'd throw out a Muse 160 as a possibility - they seem to go for around that price used. -Kirk
Personally, I think you are right on in suspecting the front end. I've heard the PLD 1000 used as a transport and it is pretty bad. Don
i say a good amp will probably serve you better too. i favor tubes. arc; rogue; vtl; cj. one that will suit your musical tastes and power needs. this will probably put the music back in your system that you are looking for.

good luck
Thanks everyone for your input. I've decided to upgrade both my amp and CD. JVR, thanks for the excellent amp suggestions. I'd never heard of vtl, but after some research yesterday, I'm very interested.
Get a used Levinson 39 Cd/Processor, then get the 390S upgrade. Use the balance outputs directly into the amp. Sell your preamp and utilize the state of the art analog volume control preamp section of the Levinson. Next smile, relax and continue to upgrade your system up the chain.
Be sure to get a return privilege for any amp or cdp you buy. Your Parasound amp is no slouch and not going to easy to improve upon. Any "high end" amp you might find within your budget will most likely be of substantially lower power than the 1200 II and your F50's speakers like and need plenty of power. You have a quality system, and from now on any improvements will be both very subtle and very expensive.