Digital Interconnect?

Hi everybody,
I have a Proceed transport and a ML 360S DAC. My problem is they are 25ft apart, there is nothing I can do about this. My question is what would be the best cable to connect them (coax,optics,etc)?
Thanks in advance
Why 25ft apart? Coax better IMO. Since a long run look at Nordost.
A 110 ohm AES/EBU connection is the only one designed to cover that sort of distance.
Find a used Monarchy Audio "Dip SuperDrive". The Dip Superdrive has a 3db boost for the signal on it's BNC output that is designed to handle runs up to 100ft. You can use a simple 10ft inexpensive toslink from your transport into the Superdrive Dip and use the best BNC to ? dig cable you can afford and mates well for your situation. Another option is to use a long (7m) toslink from transport to Superdrive and a very good BNC to ? from the BNC out from the Superdrive to Dac. Another option and best is to use 2 Superdrives and keep the last Superdrive close to your Dac. A very good dig cable is the Kimber Select KS-2020 but as always you need to try yourself for compatiability and personal taste. Look up Monarchy Audio's telephone # in the Manufactures list and talk to the owner C.C.Poon. C.C. will tell you what should be best. Good Luck ....
Fostex and a few other companies make a "repeater" that will let you connect a few of them together. I forgot the model number, but it is essentially made for that purpose. I put on in my parents' system to convert the digital output on a DVD player from toslink to coax (toslink out to Fostex box input, coax output on Fostex box to 5.1 preamp). It works just fine and passes along 5.1 info. Also, it cost around $100. I bought it at Mars Music (big musical instrument chain store) in the studio dept.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I agree AES/EBU, it is a balanced standard for long distances. I have used the Pure Note Epsilon with good results and any high-end cable will be pricey in this length.
AES/EBU is the right choice for that combo and that distance. The common-mode noise rejection is of importance in that instance, especially because of the distance.
Joe, there should be NO doubt that balanced is the ONLY way to go in a case like that. As to what brand or model to use, i'll leave that up to the folks that can afford such things... : ) Sean
I agree with previous posts that suggest an AES/EBU cable for the 25 foot run. Long runs were one of the reasons why balanced cables were desinged in the first place. Professional cable applications are all balanced designs. I have always enjoyed digital cables from Cardas and Illuminati/Kimber. I am sure that there are many cables that can meet your needs. The key, I believe, is to make sure that it is balanced.
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