Digital Flac files with a Tube Amplifier

This is the audio system that I am currently using.

All of my large CD collection has been ripped into Flac files.

Mini Mac computer as audio file server
M-Audio Super II dac
Luxman LX-33 30wpc tube amplifier with NOS Telefunken and RCA tubes.
Speakers ADS L1290

I’m certainly aware that this system is not what is called high end and make no such claim. But to my ears it sounds just beautiful better than any SS amplifier that I have used through the years, including a McIntoch MC-7150 power amplifier.

I grew up in NYC and have attended many live concerts at Carnegie Hall, Philharmonic Hall and Avery Fisher Hall, I can’t recall ever hearing any music that approaches the bright and articulate sounds of SS amplifiers in a concert hall, tube sound comes much closer to the live experience for my ears. Needless to say, I prefer the sound of tubes while listening to my favorite classical, jazz and 60’s and 70’s rock.

Does anyone have a similar system and are you satisfies with the results. I would like to know what others in the audio mid-priced range are listening to.

This is a silly question but what am I listening to anyway? Digital, Analog, Digilog or Anatal? Thanks for sharing.

I still own and use my Audio Research SP6 preamp and D75 amp. Sounds great! No compelling urge to buy any of the newer, post-Bill Johnson gear! IMO, the new stuff is all about the bling (look at those prices!).