Digital Display Worry?

Sometimes after the last CD ends, my transport sits idle for hours displaying the track count and total time of the CD sitting inside. When I finally get around to tending to it, I have this guilty feeling. Will the display characters burn into the display or worse, burn out prematurely, because they remain unchanged? Or is this a needless worry?
That is a valid worry, assuming your digital readout is not LED. If left on continuously, it will, one day down the long road, burn out one of those little lights. I have an Audio Aero Prima. If I do not shut off the display it will remain on indefinitely. AA recommends shutting off the display. Shutting of my display, however, does not shut down the cdp. It, always, will remain on idle, ready to fire up and play. Tubes and the like, always toasty and ready to run. The switch in the back, shuts the whole baby down. Makes sense. How much of a deleterious effect this will have on the little lights' lifetime? Haven't a clue. Shut that baby off when you hit the sack and you won't have to feel guilty. peace, warren
Does your transport have a standby button either on the remote or the unit itself? If so, this will usually turn the display off. As far as damage to the lights, all I can tell you is the Classe felt it was important to shut the display off because my CP-50 turns its display off automatically if left idle for an hour.