Digital Cable????

I just had D/Cable installed thinking I was getting the most in visual/audio. I am buying and having a home theater installed and figured that the audio from D/C would be utilizing all the modern tech. of the new a/v rec.'s... Is it true, could it be that when I watch a movie, HBO,MAX, ect in digital cable that the audio will be pro logic at best??? Sounds like a serious flaw in technolgy to me..
Not sure about the question here.Sounds like you're talkng about SS /audio from a sat. brodcast. ? Well if this is what we're talking about;There are DD movies on pay perview.The recievers only have toslinc out,so the quality is limited.Copy protection is the issue.Toslinc will make sure you don't make to good a copy.I have yet to hear of any device capable of copying DD or DTS,other than 2 vcr's and trying to sync them.(impossible) Just have to enjoy the Pro Logic,and for REAL sound,count on DVD.
Let me give this a try. I think what he is using is a digital cable box provided by the local cable company. They do output Dolby Digital but only on a few channels. You will have to use the digital out on the back of the unit and run it to a DD or DTS decoder. You will also need the appropriate speakers (fronts, center, rears, sub) I recently set up a similar system for my brother-in-law and was not at all impressed. I think you are much better off buying DSS.
Mbelia- I have had both in my house in the last few months. Sound from DSS is definately better, Pro logic or DD. My digital cable box from ATT did not have a digital out even though it was labelled DD. Even the prologic is better on the satellite. However, even using S-video out from DSS (not available on digital cable, a big disadvantage)both suffer from what I believe are digital artifacts in the picture on my 15 year old, top end (data grade tube) 27" Panasonic. However, viewing local channels is a real hassle with DSS, unless you are in one of the areas where they are available over the satellite. Lots of input switching on my DD rcvr using multiple remotes necessary, unless your TV can accept and easily switch between multiple video and audio inputs (unfortunately it seems that most sat boxes will only pass basic cable thru as an RF signal, so most HT/DD rcvrs cannot switch it). Sorry to be so long winded, but as you can see I am still trying to sort this out and am somewhat frustrated. However, if your viewing is mostly cable networks, premium channels, pay per view, or you want the special sports packages, you will be pleased with the s-video brightness, color fidelity, and the audio signal.
Hi again.If you live in what is called a "fiber optics area"(I do) you do get a coax out from the cable co box. Get this: the coax is only active on the 30 music stations / no sound for mtv, hbo, etc.Gotta use the anolog outs for those stations.Thank you Time Warner. But they now have S-vhs out on these boxes.I'm a dss customer with a modified Sony box with a coax out.This is the older box/ as in no DD. With a dss box, it has remote antenna switching,so your tv doesn't have to have this feature.I installed a $19.95 Radio Shack, roof antenna/as compared to spending 6/7 bucks every month.And the picture is better than the sat.feed,way better.See, I just needed to understand the subject. I hooked up a dig coax for a friend who has the fiber optics box,and a dig reciever,so this isn't hearsay.