Digisko - A new website for Music Lovers, Audiophiles and Music Producers

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you about Digisko. It is a new website created and built by myself with the collaboration of Jean-Jacques Blondeau (sound engineer).

It is a participatory site that allows to reference and to comment musical editions recognized for their quality of production, as well as their reissue.

In the era of dematerialization of music where one can get lost a bit between HiRes, Studio Remasters, CD, MP3, Streaming, Vinyl, etc ... Digisko is there to provide answers on an aesthetic, technical and especially musical.

The work of this site lies between what the excellent Dr. Loudness and Discogs can bring.

This site is primarily intended for directors, sound engineers, music lovers, but all music lovers can also use it as an online player ... But look rather for yourselves.

We would like to integrate several contributors to the site, why not you?

Best regards,

David Ferreira

Thanks.  Looks interesting but not that many people know French in the States.  Do you plan an English version?
Hi Tomcy6,
All the website is in english, and some content is translated in french.
But, today, all the contributors that write the comments are french, so it's easier to write in french... But we try to translate a maximum of reviews.
That's also the reason why we're looking for some contributors all over the world.
Everybody's welcome!